The Quality Management System of ELMAN
During the over forty years of its history, ELMAN has always expressed the wish to continue to be a competitive and successful company.

The determination and the updating of our human resources, the organization, the devotion that we show in the job, the attitude towards the continuous improvement, the monitoring of all our processes and their interaction as support to the customer satisfaction, has brought us to get the certification according to the norm UNI EN ISO9001:2000, of our Quality Management System.

The ELMAN attention for quality doesn't concern only the products but it is constant in all the daily activities.
A non occasional devotion, the only possible to avoid compromises among the customers satisfaction and the damages to the surrounding environment.
Research of materials without environmental impact, dedicated to energy saving and to the maximum attention to reuse and recycle for allowing also to the future generations to employ themselves for the research and development in a best environment.

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