Following some meaningful events in our company chronology:
1967 -
ELMAN is founded: the activities space from the design to the production of crepuscular equipments, counters and timers.
1972 -
Design development on microprocessors and microcontrollers.
1975 -
Microprocessor boards realization for the management and control of photocopiers.
1978 -
Realization of systems for the management and control of processes in the field of industrial automation based on the use of programmable Logics.
1985 -
The design starts with the use of CAD software for schematics and master realization.
1989 -
ELMAN enter in the access control market, realizes in fact a microprocessor System for the qualification to the access through badge.
1990 -
Engineering and development of Systems for the analysis of drain gases and for their opacity measurement.
1993 -
An always greater design activity makes necessary the creation of a special CAD office, which offers the opportunity to its own customers to develop and realize also mechanic parts.
1996 -
Beginning of the collaboration relationship with STMicroelectronics, world leader company in the production of semiconductors, and consequent expansion of ELMAN competences in the field of qualification components activities.
1998 -
Design, engineering and realization of equipments for Eprom-EEprom devices programming.
1999 -
Design and development of the VSC2000 equipment for the qualification of sensors submitted to shock in acceleration, frequency and temperature. The elevated complexity of the project and the high degree of integration offer a further opportunity of growth.
2000 -
Development, engineering and realization of test memories systems.
2002 -
Beginning of collaboration relationship with International Rectifier, world leader company in the production of power semiconductors and consequent growing of ELMAN competences in the development of demo boards and evaluation boards for IGBT.
2003 -
The wish to consolidate its own experience in activity to always greater tecnology, brings ELMAN to the collaboration with firms leader in the Aerospace and Military sector.
2004 -
The ELMAN Quality Management System is certified according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.
2005 -
Beginning of Service activities for the management of qualification and reliability tests directly on the customers equipments in the ELMAN labs.
2006 -
Realization of VIBRA, MEMS Reliability Equipment, for test and qualification of MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes.